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Thread: Future project wood

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    Future project wood

    While on vacation I found a hardwood store and picked up some nice Birdseye maple Have 2 special boxes planed for some of it and the remainder? Who knows at this point. 2 boards are 13/16" thick 5.5' long, 2 are 1 1/2" thick and 3.5' long.
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    That's some mighty pretty wood, Tom. Looking forward to seeing what you make!
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    yu dune good bud now you need to get truckload of it for both of us to use
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    Fantastic wood Tom! I wish I knew where to find it here, so far I've only seen it in veneer sheets and at outrageous prices. Look forward to see what you make out them, if you are planing to make some boxes make sure that they they are special ones, such special wood deserves more than a paralelepipede shape.
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    That wood is obviously defective, what with all those spots and all. Downright shame you got taken like that. Musta been an unscrupulous salesman. I'll do you a favor and take it off your hands so I can use dispose of it correctly. And no need to thank me. That's just the kind of guy I am.
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    Beautiful stuff Tom. Thanks for the wood porn shots.
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    mighty pretty
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    NICE maple

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