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Thread: FRIDAY !

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    FRIDAY !

    Tomorrow we have a neighborhood 5 annual reunion. Basically their were 500-600 kid with in 3-5 years of either way and we have been getting together. Uaually 2 around 250 show up, So this Saturday we do it again.

    Then maybe a good ride Sunday and I hope to finish the loon.
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    entertaining allen and his wife elen then time with tom and his wife as well,, a good day ahead..
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    finishing up craft show stuff and getting ready to shut down for the winter.
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    Yeah can't believe I'm in Michigan
    Said hi to Jim and mida weds night in Ohio
    2 very talented people both are top craftspeople saw the prize winning table in person got to feel it also
    I just love feeling beautiful woodworking
    Pleasure seeing them again with my wife this trip
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    Got back from my first trip to Vegas yesterday...back in the office today. Hoping to get out of here early today, Vegas makes you tired.

    Tomorrow is the neighborhood's fall festival. Parade in the moring, mini carnival all day and fireworks at dusk. Should be a good time. Sunday is rest and football. Go Pack Go!
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    At this moment, anxiously awaiting the start of trading in Alibaba (BABA), the largest IPO in history and hoping my fast finger will get me a few shares. Celebrating LOML's birthday this weekend with a nice dinner and setting out the low tunnels in the garden to protect the fall crops.

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    finishing up some small projects (pics to post soon) and starting on a few more. Trying to build up a little inventory for Christmas - its getting closer!
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    That's a big get together, enjoy!
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible

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    Tonight I've got a "goodbye summer" party the institute is throwing. My wife is going to come over for it, then she has dinner/drinks with some friends. I'll probably hang out for a while then have some shop clean-up to do, also need to do some maintenance on the mower. Hoping to start on the high chairs this weekend as the grandson is almost needing one. Sunday I might try to start brewing a pumpkin ale that the local brew shop put together for me last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    entertaining allen and his wife elen then time with tom and his wife as well,, a good day ahead..
    what at he said

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