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    Just to document that I can do some physical labor and I do other things besides wood playing. This is my current project. I finished phase one a few minutes ago, time for a break. This section use to have 5 huge arborvitae bushes in it. They were about 15+ feet tall. I removes them a few weeks ago.

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    I just finish cutting down the 30 or so that were along this stretch. That was phase 1, now I have to haul the cutting off and clean up. I have to contact the power company and ensure where the underground power line is than I start removing the stumps.

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    All these arborvitaes were from plants that came up from seed out of a bush my M-I-L had. She transferred each little start to an can and brought them to me to plant, whether I wanted them or not. That was in 1982.

    Other than sore muscles this was my only injury. I did wear safety glasses, but took them off once to wipe the sweat off them, turned around and walked into a pine needle on a tree. Doc, says I will servive.

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    Was looken good right up to that last photo............OUCH
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    well paul i can relate to that.. got nailed by a blue spruce tree while mowing the awn a few weeks back.. cost me 150 dollars to get checked out and bandaid type contact lense..
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    Finally, proof that a poke in the eye with a sharp stick really hurts. Leave it to Paul to test the theory Sorry for the hurts, Paul. I guess you are not in a hurry to replant? It looks like those trees gave you some privacy. Maybe some other kind of evergreen?


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