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Thread: ES Build

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    ES Build

    I was finally fortunate enough to have someone pay me to build one of these. I think it turned out well.Click image for larger version. 

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    I laminated the bent sides over a male mold the pressed them with an air filled hose inside a female mold during the glue up.

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    I did a wood electronics cover, which I really ended up liking. It has an electronics cavity because I installed a piezo bridge with a preamp for it which would not fit through the F hole, or pickup holes.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0949.jpg   IMG_0935.jpg   IMG_0951.jpg   IMG_0952.jpg   IMG_0953.jpg  

    IMG_0954.jpg   IMG_0955.jpg   IMG_0957.jpg   IMG_0958.jpg   IMG_0959.jpg  

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    Sweet, always liked that 335 styling
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    lookun forward there after on this to see the final product
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    Oh very nice. This one's on my list -- i love that 335 squak
    Jason Beam
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    Awesome! And the access cover for the electronics is a great idea. It is a MAJOR pain to wire a semi hollowbody through the F holes.
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    Always good to see your builds Dave. Excuse my ignorance but is the idea of the hollow body to reduce the weight of the guitar or is there some functional musical reason i am not aware of?

    Did some googling to understand but it did not answer my question found this site you may find useful there is info on it about wiring the electronics check out white papers.

    This guy speaks to Vaughns point and your idea of having an access

    Looking forward to the rest of the build thanks for posting.

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