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Thread: Planer Knife Sharpening Jigs

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    Planer Knife Sharpening Jigs

    Hi all.
    I am finding myself in need of a way to sharpen my planer knives. So I need ideas for a good homemade sharpening jig. I was thinking something like this,

    but I would still like to see what others have come up with so I can borrow some ideas
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    That is basically what I use, and I don't think you sharpen the knives, mine are carbide, so I look at it as honing them or touching them up. If I get a bad nick in a knife they go off to the sharpening shop, but when the finish is getting a bit bad, or the noise increases, yeah a quick hone on some sandpaper or my #1200 diamond stone really help. I find I can get three honings out of a set before they need to be sent out to the sharpening shop. I have two sets of knives, one is always sharp in the drawer ready to go, when the set on the machine goes to the sharp shop, the sharp set go into the machine, no down time.

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    Michael there are many versions of the same thing

    Here is a post of one involving Stu's sharpener with pics but also a link to a manufactured one that Brent linked to

    Then Charles has a post in this thread showing a simpler version to make same basic idea

    I tried finding pics of another which is what i used when i needed to do this.

    Basically cut a thick enough piece of wood at the correct angles using the table saw and drilled holes at 90 degrees to the cut. Then tapped the holes and put grub screws with allen heads into them to act as tightening holding screws for the blade. I had thought i had posted a pic or thought that Glenn Bradley had posted this method and i had copied it but for the life of me i tried finding it and cannot. There is definitely more to be found on the site try spending some time with the advanced search feature or you will see if you click the advanced search button a google search feature. Usually it brings up good searches but it all depend on the words.

    Best of luck hope these help.

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    I built one similar to this several years ago: Planer knife sharpening jig

    Adjust the groove angle to match your knives.
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