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Thread: Once there was two...

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    Once there was two...

    I had a pair of green glass wine glasses that I was looking to put new stems on.... LOML saw an ultra modern style of glass on one of her food blogs and suggested I do a similar stem... so I did, brought them inside to show off a bit before I did a finish on the stems or glued the bulbs to the stems.... one of them slipped in my buttery fingers and landed behind the desk... it didn't bounce.
    Fortunately my desk sits against the wall and in an alcove just side enough for the desk, because there's still glass shards behind the desk....

    I took what was left of my handiwork back to the shop, tossed the other glass, filled the holes in the end of the stems with sawdust and started over. The green glass on this stem would have looked much better, but these turned out okay....
    The stems are from Spectraply and the pattern was called Green Hornet.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Since I had four of the bulbs, I made a second set using another block of Spectraply called Green Mountain Camo.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    They go to market this weekend, hopefully they are well received.
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    They look great. Hope they sell fast.

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    Green Hornet for me!
    Mack C. in Brooklin ON
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    Really look nice. Very attractive.
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    Those are nice, Chuck. I'm betting they find a new home pretty quickly.
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    Great job man, bet they sell real quick.


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