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Thread: My daughter saved my life!

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    My daughter saved my life!

    I'd forgotten what today was, until my daughter called me from Chicago to wish me a Happy Anniversary. It hadn't even twigged on me that today was that day. Memsahib was out, so I had time to go to the supermarket and get flowers, some toiletries, a gift bag, a card and a bottle of wine. After 37 years, there isn't a lot of celebration going on, but the wine was nice.

    I think I'll put a reminder in my phone for next year. And for her birthday on the 12th.

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    Whew! That was close!

    I missed my wife's birthday one year. I didn't forget it. I knew it was the 13th. But my mental calendar math was off and the 13th was THIS week instead of NEXT week. Finally, on about the 16th (which I thought was the 9th) she pointed out the error. It was not pretty. But on the plus side, it ended up being a good weight-loss plan. I shed about 20 pounds while I was on the feeding tube in the hospital.
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    Whew! You were on some thin ice, Roger. Mine continually reminds me that she has a birthday coming up that she 'doesn't want to celebrate'

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    My LOML's B/d is 3 weeks after mine -- it's hard to forget --- especially with the constant reminders.
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