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Thread: Shop is all but empty now

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    Shop is all but empty now

    Kinda sad but I've been helping my father this summer get rid of all his woodworking tools and supplies. His health just will not allow him to continue so he made the decision to get rid of everything. So yard sales and Craigslist ads have done their job and tonight I went up and picked up the last of the paint and cans of stain that he had. Dad really had a lot of stuff and although I got what I could for myself there was just too much for me to take ownership of and it's been kind of sad seeing it sell off for pennies on the dollar. So tonight it really hit me because it was so bare and empty inside. He even has the power shut off to the building so it just had a weird eerie feeling to it. Over the years whenever I would go to my parents house I knew where I could find my dad...out in his shop.
    One of the things he had that he was pretty proud of was he had every issue of "WOOD" magazine from about 1987-2010. I brought them home as well and although moisture within the shop over the years has got them smelling kind of "musty" I didn't want to see them just get tossed in the trash. Not quite sure what to do with them. The first one I picked up to look at had articles on cutting boards, turned Christmas ornaments and a very cool "mission style" clock like I've been wanting to make. All that in just the first issue. Oh I'm sure I could probably find the same information online somewhere, but it's just not the same as having it in print (to me at least).

    So anyway...been working on finding a place for everything.
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    That's a sad story Tom.
    If he lives close to you maybe you guys and do something together in your shop.
    Man, it sucks getting old.
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    know what yu mean tom my dad and mom both are doing bad and he doesnt do anything now,, oxygen is all that is keeping him here. to see it daily is not fun..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibson View Post
    That's a sad story Tom.
    If he lives close to you maybe you guys and do something together in your shop.
    Man, it sucks getting old.
    Amen! Its really hard to watch and gets you to thinking...

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    Sorry to hear this Tom it sure is a sad day. I remember how it affected my Dad when same thing happened to him. It sucks.
    Just an idea depending on how bad his health is but what my Dad did in his last years was to have a small bag of what i would model tools. He kept them in his room at the old age home. Then he used them to build a model boat which only involved assembly of pieces. The model pieces came from a magazine subscription so it gave him something to do in stages not overwhelming and with a magazine to read.
    You might want to look into this as it was quite a clever step down from having a shop. I got him some small plastic clamps from the local dollar store and sent them to him to use. Ver light duty.
    Best of luck to your dad Tom. Getting old sucks.

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    Sad story indeed. I hope he can get a bit of solace from the fact that his son is also a tinkerer like him.
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    Know how you feel Tom, my dad hasn't done a whole lot of tinkering in the past couple of years, my FIL also mentioned he was done working in his shop, just can't stand up for very long anymore. Have to make some time to go over and help him get things taken out of his shop. Some of the tools I'll buy from him, others I'll sell for him or move to his son's place if he wants them when they get settled again.

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    You'll both always have the memories! Maybe do as Bob mentioned, and get together and make a few new ones
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    It does hit us hard when our loved ones are at the end of there run. It also effects us oldsters.
    We no longer can do what we love to do and can't figure out why it don't work. Being realistic
    it is the way of life we live our best and go the way of our forbearers. It is harder on the survivers.

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    A friends grampa pretty much gave up working in the shop, when he cut his fingers off at 95. (made a tourniquet and waited an hour until a family member made their usual stop)
    Made me think about what tools I had and used, and how I started out with hand tools, and think eventually may go to being a neander/galoot.

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