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Thread: Photo Attachments questions

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    Photo Attachments questions

    1) Tapatalk

    Last night i tried to upload from tapatalk via webview login to make use of the forum uploader rather than the tapatalk attachment feature. (found it seems to duplicate pictures on me) anyway in our uploader you get to a point where you can select from your device up to 10 images. But tapatalk only allowed one at a time. Anyone tried this on a device like a tablet ? I did manage to upload images but one at a time what a schlep.

    2) After some searching i found the place on USER CP where one can view or delete ones attachments. Is there any way one can edit them without having to delete and upload a new attachment. All i am looking to do is rotate some images that were so darn tiny when i uploaded them that i did not notice that the orientation was wrong.

    Dont know about others experiences but I found the whole process of using a device other than a desktop os pretty painful. For a single image quicky post yeah portable device works but for a post where you would like to place images etc to make its presentation more readable and flow in context forget about it in my view.

    Some of this new tech is really more gadgetry than workable. I find i am wanting things that save time not waste time.

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    I'm probably just old school but, I accept the fact that using anything other than full size hardware is a compromise. After 30+ years of computing I use a laptop when I have to, a pad when i have to and my phone when I can't get to anything else. Don't get me wrong, I love the convenience of small computing devices. I just find trying to make my phone act like my desktop is often an exercise in futility (although I have a pretty usable Android Desktop access app). I use each tool for its primary function and try not to ask it to be too much else. Like I said, I'm just getting old and set in my ways .
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
    - Arthur C. Clarke

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    Is there anyway to rotate an image after it has been uploaded and inserted into a post? I have been looking but not getting anywhere. If its not possible for a user is it possible for admin to do and if so could one of the admin please rotate the images in my Jessem router table latest post. I managed to edit with desktop and place the images but short of uploading them again they mostly on their side.

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