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Thread: Packing in Woodworking shop need not bee the end of tinkering

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    Packing in Woodworking shop need not bee the end of tinkering

    I out this post here to have it in a prominent place.

    Tom mentioned in his post about clearing out his dads shop , a sad day for all associated with an event like this. I dread the day like no other more so after i watched my Dad go through it.

    But my Dad was very practical person in how he looked at life so he recognized the need and did something to have a step down to different activities as physical circumstances no longer permitted it.

    I feel the way to a quick death is when there is no longer purpose in life and when interaction with others no longer takes place.

    So for those of you either already in this situation or for those of us with parents entering this situation like Tom I want to offer an idea that really worked for my Dad. Dad was a Navy vet of WW2 and served on many ships. So he had built in his time many of these ships to put in a display case. But when he ended up in a home he could not stand the idea of sitting chatting to a bunch of woman (yeah guys they mostly out survive us) and being a lifelong tinkerer he subscribed to one of these magazines.

    The magazine comes out and sends you with it a part or parts depending on the model and the instructions related to that part but also more info about the subject. I dont remember the full content of the magazine part.

    You then only have the task of fitting that part between that magazines arrival and the next.

    It gives you something to do.

    It restores pride and confidence.

    It gives you something to show off and to talk to others about. (people and staff used to get quite involved wanting to see the progress).

    It gives the person something to look forward to coming in the post that is not a doctors bill etc.

    If by chance as my Dad was you have a computer and are computer literate it allows you to interact with others doing the same build.

    To me its of priceless value to a human being that has been a tinkerer .

    But it also leaves something behind which can be handed on to a grandchild.

    Its a project that could be undertaken by family when grandkids and parents visit ageing parents and rather than just going over old ground of what the doctor said and are you taking your medicine etc, creates a center piece for conversation of a different kind.

    Here are links to some of the magazines

    I realize these are mostly world war items and many are of British origin but the subject matter is not as important as the activity part.

    These items dont require one to have a shop and fancy tools the parts may need a touch of sanding or a bit of tiny clamping but as i said to Tom you get these kind of plastic clamps at the dollar store.

    If anyone knows of similar kind of idea please add it to the post it can make the life of a member or a family member way more enjoyable than being confined to watching a tv screen all day.

    Stepping back from woodworking dont have to mean the end of it.

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    Besides tinkering, how many of those older folk would love someone to talk to, to pass down their knowledge? (sometimes family isn't interested in the same things and mentors don't have to be family)

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    and, there is always model railroading too.

    Or join the Elks, or the Moose and make some new freinds.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible

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