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Thread: Friday

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    Got in the shop at 6 this morning finished 10 chairs and heading to a Job in Va at 10 where I need to stain a lot of mahogany columns and crown moldings.

    Tonight wife and I will be meeting a couple in Leesburg to talk with Chis Cooley about showing my work in his gallery and dinner.
    Then off to the farm in Va to hunt Saturday and Sunday. Looking for the Black Bear running the farm , coyotes and Big Buck will also be on the hit list.
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    got rain here most all wknd so opted for a birthday party instead of tree work.
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    Finishing up a tray for gift to brother in Albuquerque. Leaving Sunday for the big balloon fiesta.
    Will spend a week there seeing old friends and family. May even visit with Vaughn if time allows
    and I can locate him.
    Looking for green chili to freeze and bring home for the winter.

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    In the shop today to work on some pens and bottle stoppers - mostly acrylic I've been casting. Need to do a bit of shop organizing as well. We're forecast to get stormy around here this afternoon, so will play it by ear.

    Saturday, I'll get a little shop time in the morning prior to Bobbie's sister arriving for a visit. This is the half sister we discovered while researching on two years ago. Prior to that, they had no idea each other existed. They have spent time together before, but this will be the first visit in our home.

    Sunday will be more visiting before Bobbie's sister and her partner head back home. Then, I'll settle in for the Kansas race.
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    Weekends are for the day job. Today I will work on the Timberline saw. I have more rust to deal with and may get to pick up some paint and dri-lube for it. Maybe get it re-assembled some. Next week I will be out of town - working, for two weeks. But I'll pop in to see what others are up to.

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    working on getting the pepper mills, new picture frames, and nostepinnes done. other than that, i'm on vacation this week!
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    Bought a grab-bar for the shower 2 or 3 months ago lol, guess it's time to install it

    Going to get the last of our cabbage into the stock pot and soup 'er up.

    More guitar work most likely along with that dreaded 'over-due clean up' that's needed.

    And if the rain lets up a tad, the leaves on the ground are adding up fast.
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    Tonight I might get a pot of water boiled to keg, my wife has already gone through the sparkling water I did a couple of weeks back. I've got to go to the dealer for an oil change tomorrow morning. Since I got the shop picked up last weekend I'm going to try and get the high chairs started. The grandson has been sitting up and is ready for one, so best to get it done before he doesn't need it anymore.

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    No woodworking (as usual), but quite a bit of guitar stuff (also as usual) this weekend.

    Friday night I'm headed out to visit (and likely sit in with) some friends playing at a local tavern. This is the same band I played the gig with last weekend - the Electric Edric Project - whose guitarist and namesake was hurt in a motorcycle crash a few months ago. I'm one of three guitarists who take turns filling in for Edric...tonight is Joey's turn at the wheel.

    Saturday afternoon I'm playing a gig at the Balloon Fiesta in one of the corporate tents. In all my years of attending this event, this will be my first time playing there. Looking forward to it.

    Sunday I'm going to a party at my friend Edric's house to celebrate - as he told me on the phone a couple of days ago - his homecoming from the hospital and his second chance at life.

    Quote Originally Posted by David Johnson View Post
    ... Leaving Sunday for the big balloon fiesta. Will spend a week there seeing old friends and family. May even visit with Vaughn if time allows
    and I can locate him...
    I'd love to meet up if we can. I'll send you a PM with my phone number.
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    just for your info, tonight is the start of the holiest day for jews, the day of atonement for us jews.

    Id have to spend 3 years atoning for my woodworking sins, so I hope I get a pass for those.

    I wont fast as it is required, Im diabetic, I have enough problems.
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