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Thread: how do we fix this? PLEASE READ

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    how do we fix this? PLEASE READ

    first off, i know this could be in the off topic forum but there are many that dont go there and i want to get this to as many as i can.. so bear with me here please!

    we just had a moderator election come up and couldnt get enough volunteers for a vote so just signed up the ones we needed.. during the last couple years the forum seems to have slowed down a lot from the way it was when we were first started.. lately there are maybe 10 new posts each day when i get on to check,, and there seems to be a lack of interest in posting..

    so here is my question, what is it that you dont like about this forum as it is today or in the past and how do you think we as in the forum staff and membership can fix it? feel free to voice your real thoughts not the politically correct ones with in reason of course.. i have been here a long time and served as moderator a couple times and know that they are fair in there thoughts, each group of staff have new ideas and they have jelled together for the good of the forum.. so for example if you think that the forum has cliches that get special treatment say so here, and give us reasons why and how to change it.. but from my time here that isnt the case, do some of us chat back and forth,yes, just as you do with your friends.. but we dont set back and let someone struggle with a wood working question or need.. so please take the time to make this forum alive again and give us a chance to get this back up to speed, and please let your friends know of this thread in case they dont see it. the more we get involved here the better it will be.. and one last statement i want to make....this forum is special in the fact that many of you are considered family and are treated as such by many of us here.. that doesnt happen nearly as much if at all in the other larger forum groups.. think about that when you decide to write your ideas or not here.. thanks for listening
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    I think its important to state that for me, personally, the friendships Ive made here, live, in person, has nothing to do with posting quality or lack of posting quantity.
    It can actually be a lot of members here just are so busy with life and family, they aren't building much, or doing anything else woodworking wise.
    I personally would like to see a lot more flatwork, but seems that section is almost dead besides cutting boards.
    not sure why, maybe the flat workers are on break.

    I don't think anything is broken, I think its just the cycles people are going through.
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    Personally I have a lack of computerese expertise which leaves me reluctant to get to fancy.
    This coming week hope to get some expert advise on said subject. I thoroughly enjoy this
    forum but also have noted the reduction of people participating. To bad, as I have picked up
    some neat tricks and jig making. Just don't have the confidence to go all out as a moderator.
    Maybe next time.

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    I came here looking for a woodworking forum, and have been here almost since the beginning. I check in a couple times each day, but I block a number of areas when I check "what's new" ... areas such as carpentry (been there, done that, but graduated to furniture), jigs (I use euro equipment, which has very limited jig requirements, and those are different), Old iron (my heavy equipment needs are fulfilled), Hot deals (not in the market), All things musical (although I am playing with rebuilding a violin, that is an exception- not a hobby), cook shack (a distraction from woodworking), family gatherings (delightful visit with Stu Ablett, but in general, don't go visiting woodworkers) etc. etc. I am not interested in a social forum, but a woodworking forum.

    Bottom line, there has been so much beyond my focus in woodworking that interest faded.... until I looked for a competing forum. After trying a few others, I saw how good this one is, and I am back - and enjoying the woodworking of family woodworking by ignoring the "social forum" aspect.
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    I pretty much agree with Allen.

    For me it's just no real shop time. I can't get motivated to build anything. Maybe I'm going through a depression of sorts probably due to my constant back pain and a few family issues.

    I was going to run for mod again but I'm not a big fan of elections for positions like this. It bothers me when I beat someone out or if someone beats me out. I'd prefer to have appointed positions. Just being honest Larry.

    Is there a clique? I don't think so but it's a bit annoying to see 3 pages of posts on someones pork shoulder and just a few posts on someones project.

    I get really annoyed when someone takes the time to post a project they made and the first few responses are from members who feel the need to show off and post pictures of their own project on the same thread.
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    I'm guilty of not posting much work recently, mainly because I'm taking a long break from large flatwork projects. I've been concentrating on learning new things, like casting acrylic blanks for pens and stoppers, and stabilizing woods before turning.

    My first step when getting on FW is to hit the "New Posts" button to see what's happening. I don't block anything because there might be a post to which I can respond. In other cases, I don't post a response because anything I could say has already been said. When I look at the block at the bottom of the page showing who has viewed a thread, it's obvious that most people do much as I do.

    I check out other forums and participate to a greater or lesser degree. Other forums are, in general, friendly with no cat-fighting, but there's more of a family feel here on FW. Having met a couple of folks also solidifies my feeling about this forum.

    As to the lack of volunteers to be moderators, I'll repeat what I said in another thread: I think most people visit a forum to research and ask questions. They have no interest in being more active than that. Trying to make people feel guilty for not volunteering will only serve to run them off.
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    i like the place, warts and all. learned lots of stuff from interesting people, and have been able to help now and then.
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    Well, you asked. Please don't take this as me saying I hate this place, actually I love it! But as a more recent member who doesn't have a lot of posts, the ones I do put up seem to be ignored, as though I'm persona non grata (or whatever that funky phrase is). Let me also add: I'm sure that's not the's just the way I feel. But that led me to believe that submitting my name to the election would just be an embarrassment; I'm not even sure I would have voted for me. My comments are more about 2 things: this really does come across (again, to ME) as a good 'ol boys and girls club and outside of that circle you are more or less a passing stranger. But I also agree with a few things Charlie said, about the forums. The cook shack, all things musical, and family gatherings (didn't even know that one existed) do seem out of place on a woodworking forum. But I do suspect that some of the slow traffic (limited responses) may be due to that inner circle thing I mentioned. Please, I hope no one beats me up for this...just expressing my opinions to the question. BTW, I would point out that just because you are a new member here, it doesn't mean you have nothing to offer.
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    Because it is different than it once was does not necessarily mean it needs fixing. The people here are more 'real' to me because we do share other stuff and we do get together face to face occasionally. And, yes, threads sometimes go off the rails with unrelated stuff or just kidding around. But there are plenty of other forums where only woodworking is discussed. This one is different. It recognizes that there is more to life than woodworking, as fun as that is. It is also about woodworkers, and the people they are and the things they deal with in life.

    As for becoming moderators. Frankly, I am sort of glad that we had an election by affirmation this time. Some new faces are in there this time. The last few elections saw people who have served more than once being voted in because of name recognition and new faces not getting enough of a vote count. Sort of discourages new people, when it appears to be a popularity contest. I wanted to discuss a way of maybe getting new people in there but was blasted thoroughly via PM, I just deleted my post and won't offer that up again. Not everyone is open minded but that is not uncommon, even on a public forum.

    Do we have cliques? The charge has been made before, but I don't think it is true. There are those who post often, some who have a comment on everything, pertinent or not, many who just lurk and take away whatever it is that they enjoy/need. Some have met face to face and enjoyed it so much that we happily encourage others to join in the festivities. And food and music have been a part of that big time.

    Bottom line, first we are people, most of whom like each other, who also do some woodworking and share those experiences occasionally. Some in great detail with in progress shots. Some with only completed projects. It is all good. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    Well, I think we should recall the admins & mods pay, and divvy it up to the members who stay active with postings

    My pet peeve...folks who post their works yet 'seldom' to 'if ever' reply to others

    Up and down activity seems to be a way of life in forum land. Life gets busy, shop work slows down...

    Very few conversation starters, "looks great", "nice job", can only carry one so far. I think we could
    use more "how'd you do that?, why not try this? What did you find to be the hardest aspect of that build? Etc.

    'Box swap' drew me in here, and if I recall properly, we at one time had over 30 participants, nowadays one can
    barely find a thread 'wood-related' get 30 replies

    Me? I probably post too much, just be glad I'm not a true relative of yours...because come holidays and just plain visits > I eat more than I talk

    Hey Larry, you started this, what are some of your thoughts on upping participation?
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