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Thread: Combo in Chicago

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    Combo in Chicago

    I don't watch Craig's List a lot but this one sort of stood out for somebody who is willing/able in driving distance of Chicago.

    Robland NX31 for 4500 - pretty much half price from new.

    I wish, I wish, I wish. Good luck getting that one in the basement! This falls just outside of the LOML would never notice category.

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    Hmmmm....we are going that way in June. Taking my wife's Ford Focus station wagon. Let's see...1300 pounds in back.
    Actually, it looks like a neat machine. Makes me wonder how folks learn about things like this without a forum like FW. I never heard of the brand. Totaled up, at this offering price, looks like very practical thing to purchase. But the full, near nine grand is pricey. BTW, I count five 3 hp. functions. Wonder if that is one motor or one for each function.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    Wonder if that is one motor or one for each function.

    I have this ones little brother, the X-31. Mine are 3 HP motors [3], with the differences being my slider is smaller and my saw is only 10". Jointer/planer is 12" on mine also.

    As for the motors, one powers the shaper, one powers the saw and one powers the jointer/planer and mortiser.

    It is a great machine for a small shop. The footprint on mine is only slightly bigger than a normal cabinet saw. I work out of my garage which houses our vehicles when I'm not making sawdust, so space is and was a problem before I got the X-31. I had a separate table saw, jointer and planer before and it was really a hassle just getting the tools set up to work. Now I just start working.

    By the way, it takes about 2 minutes to switch from jointer to planer. Jointer/planer to saw is about the same time. Haven't used the shaper or the mortiser yet. Those will take a little more time to set up, mostly for the fences and safety stuff involved.

    That is a great price on that unit. If I didn't already have mine, I'd be checking it out real close.


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