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Thread: Been planning on making one of these

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    Been planning on making one of these

    Maybe I'll offer the person $50.00 Probably can't build it for that price.
    Looks pretty decent in the picture??
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    I used to have one there really not that great. They are pretty flimsy. I bolted angle iron to the bottom & put bigger casters on all four corners.
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    thanks Bart
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    I have one I got at a yard sale. I'll try to get a picture, but I have my wood lathe, my metal lathe and my Mortiser mounted on it.

    Like Bart said it's not the most heavy duty thing but I've added some bracing and heavier casters and it works great!
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    Interesting concept.. Doesn't look like you could mount too big of a tool on it as it may not rotate then.

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