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Thread: I have recieved a super huge box from Norfab Systems

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    I have recieved a super huge box from Norfab Systems

    My Norfab duct parts have finnaly arrived. After much delay due to poor customer service from my local supplier i finally have what I have wated many weeks for. I have my work cut out for me. Pics to follow.

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    Im working on my dust collection right now too.
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    Attachment 86432Attachment 86433Attachment 86434Attachment 86435Attachment 86436My dust collection system is up and runing. Despite being advised that my dust collector is under powered for this size system it works great. I started a cutting board project to basically test the system. Collection at all my tools is very good and I love the convienance.

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    Nice job.

    A central system is my next big project for the shop. I use a portable one similar to yours now but have a larger cyclone that needs to be set in place and all the duct run.

    Just curious, who did you order the Norfab duct/fittings from?


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