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Thread: Child's easel

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    Child's easel

    This is one of the last things that has come out of my shop. It is a one of a kind commission for a little girl's 4th birthday. It is made of clear fir or I guess it is called straight grain fir or trim grade fir in some areas. I didn't have any plans so I winged it and this is what I came up with.. PLEASE EXCUSE THE MESSY SHOP!!

    I wanted something that was different than any easel I looked at. That is why the hinge is different. I'm sure it isn't something that someone else hasn't thought of but I thought it was kind of novel. I did it this way so the paper roll could be changed with out the easel coming apart. The rod is held into place with 8d nails clipped off and topped with a small wooden ball I made with the sander after small cube being epoxied on the nail end.

    Acacia, will be able to play with crayons, paint (both on the paper) chalk, and colored pens on the dry eraser board. There are two states quarters glued on the top of the black board side. One is Alaska, the other Hawai'i, representing where Acacia was born and her new home here in Hawai'i. I also used a few 2014 pennies to cover a few "extra" holes that just showed up out of nowhere!!

    The trays are removable with removing a couple of 1/4x20 wingnuts on each tray. Makes it easier to clean that way. The easel height can be adjusted up another foot so it will grow with the little girl and can be collapsed for storage or shipping very easily.

    Hope you like the photos and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!Click image for larger version. 

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    great work.
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    I really like this one Royall and will have to steal it for the grandkids.
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    Great design Royal Looks like a happy customer too boot

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    way cool royall!
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    Excellent design and execution, Royall. I'm sure Acacia will enjoy it a lot!
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