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Thread: Waterstone Holder

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    Waterstone Holder

    There was a design in shopnotes that had a waterstone holder jig. This jig allows you to hold the stone and clamp the jig to the workbench. Wedge is tapped in place and it securely holds the stone while sharpening your tools on it. A buddy made one and I liked it so I built my version. Here it is. It is made from wood I had around the shop and finished in clear Spar Urethane.

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    Now I like that ... that's just a fine idea!

    I also like the woods you used. It's amazing what scraps will produce.


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    Very cool, Mike. I'll have to add that to my list of handy tricks. I can think of several other applications.

    And ditto on the wood. Nice scraps.
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    Looks good, I made something similar out of plywood, but in the end I just use pieces of that rubberized sanding mat stuff.

    I like your holder better, much nicer !
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    A great idea. I have always just tried to glue my stones to a block of wood. That has a permanence shorter than the life span of a fruit fly.
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