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Thread: Big Sky Tool - 48 hour sale, 20% off anHitachi "A" condition, reconditioned tool

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    Big Sky Tool - 48 hour sale, 20% off anHitachi "A" condition, reconditioned tool

    Big sky is having a 48 hour sale on their Hitachi "A" condition-reconditioned tools. To get the discount, upon checkout, put the discount code "ASALE" in the coupon code and click "Apply Coupon". The total should update with 20% off the prices. Looks like it will apply to multiple "A" condition tools in the cart.

    I've had really good luck with reconditioned tools from here. I had one of my 18 volt batteries go out on me a few weeks back that was a couple of years old. The drill works good and rather than buying new batteries or another drill (which were the same price), I went with a reconditioned impact that uses the same batteries...

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    I've bought a number of tools from Big Sky and have always been happy with the deal.
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    Thanks for the headsup Darren. There are some real good deals on that site not just battery operated drills. Just wish shipping was a better price to Canada.
    There is a nice electric handrill that one can pickup for $20 and a skill saw and blade for $50 after discount.

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