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    Chuck Talk

    I have been using a couple of Nova G3s on my Jet 1642evs. I hvaent had any problems at all with the. I was just looking at chucks and see the Nova G3 is recommended for up to 14" and if size is a little bigger the size chuck is supposed to be the Super Nova 2. If I havent had problems should I not worry or think about this? I have turned up to the max. size on the 1642. Also would the G3 chuck jaws and inserts fit the Super Nova 2? Doubt the insert would

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    I've used my G3 on stuff up to 16" or so I'd guess. A lot depends on how heavy the blank is and how out of balance it is. I also have a Supernova 2, and usually choose which chuck to use strictly by which one happens to have the jaws I need on it. But if something is particularly heavy or out of balance, I'll go to the SN2.

    The jaws are interchangeable between the two chucks. I believe the inserts are too, but I'd recommend just getting the insert you need if you buy the SN2. Changing chucks is handy and fast. Changing inserts is a hassle and slow.
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    On larger bowls I like a larger base so the bigger jaws work good for that. All my chucks are Oneway and I have jaws from pin jaws up to 5" and probably use the 3" and 4" the most.

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    The G3 is 3+ lbs and the SN2 is 5+ lbs so a lot more meat in the SN2. That said the only jaws listed for the SN2 and not listed for the G3 are the Powergrips and the 130mm. If you are doing normal depth bowls (3-4") or platters the G3 is probably fine. If you start going deeper or for hollow forms you probably want the SN2. IIRC the prowergrips are rated for up to 19" length (hollowform) or 27" diameter for bowls.

    Insert and jaws are interchangeable. Sometime you can find the chuck (and key) without the 50mm jaws. I assume you have at least two sets of 50mm jaws already.
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    I have the same lathe Miked and the SN has served me extremely well with everything...15" platters, 20" long pepper mills, 12" bowls. Never questioned it's ability to hold. If in doubt...face plate the sucker
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