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Thread: Where the lubber meets the load...

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    Where the lubber meets the load...

    I decided in the last few days to finish the d....d canoe come hell, high water, or bone idleness. Yesterday I reshaped and attached the deck, and today I applied the transom, and the port bow quarter gunwale and inwale. (How's my nautical terminology?) I used brass screws for most of this, although I put two honkin' big SS screws in the front of the gunwale. I took the head off one brass screw in the inwale and broke one holding the transom. I should be able to redo the one in the inwale. I spaced the screws 12" apart. The first couple, as I didn't want to be messing with the drill, the wood flopping around and everything, I eyeballed the 12", and was off by about ˝" I'll go back and put a screw every 4" later, after all the trim is installed.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Next will be thwarts, if I"m not thwarted by the weather, and seats probably next spring.

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    I think you're going to have it ready for the winter tobogganing season

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    Looking good!

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    Looks like you Know what your Kanoeing .
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    Going to be a nice looking canoe when you are done.
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