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Thread: Cherry Family Plaque Process

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    Cherry Family Plaque Process

    This is at least 75% woodworking and about 10% CNC so I'll post it here cause I think more people will see it.

    I am still learning how to make good videos so the sound is a bit off - sorry for that.

    I started on this video at about 7:00 this morning and it is now 2:00 in the afternoon. Needless to say - creating a video like this is a lot of work.

    Even soo - I still want honest feedback.

    I like the music - and I know it's elevator music. That does not mean it is bad music.

    I Do hope it's an enjoyable video to watch.

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    Really enjoyed the video Leo, have done some similar signs on my cnc, not as detailed, but that masking looks like it makes it a whole lot easier for painting the carved areas. I hand painted the last one and man was it a chore. Where do you get the masking? and what type of paints work with the masking?

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    Enjoyed the video very much. The plaque was quite nice. You did a good job. Critique placing paper on board over long time
    wise. Barefoot in the park? No ear muffs? No push sticks on saw? Safety should be a part of such video. Overall I admire your
    production and effort.

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    I love it - The Barefoot Woodworker!!

    Beautiful plaques.

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    I was one of the original hippies in the late 60's and early 70's.
    Only difference is I no longer am able to tie a pony tail like I used to.
    My insides are still the same.

    Nothing wrong with being barefoot in the shop.

    Yeah - safety violations - who lives in a glass house?

    Darren - the paint mask is available online of at sign supply stores. I set myself up as a professional sign maker with a local sign supply company. The mask is a bit pricy, but in my estimation worth it.

    It's like the difference between painters tape and masking tape, if you compare it to contact paper. It it "made" to be 1) routed through, 2) painted over, 3) pealed off without leaving a residue.

    I spray shellac, several coats - then "flatten" the surface with 220 - like I talk about in the video. There must be NO places for paint to bleed capillary action into. After I v-groove - I shellac into the engraving to seal the carved text. I use Krylon spray paint. I like krylon over rustoleum because the colors are deeper and it covers better. I will apply 3-4 or 5-6 coats of paint. I don't like to cheap out what I do. I meticulously clean out the v-grooved text to be sure there are no fuzzies or pieces of wood in there.

    After peeling off the mask I lightly scrape the text with a single edged razor and I block sand with 220.

    This process gives me super super sharp edges with NO paint wicking into the wood. I also don't loose fine detail in shallow grooved engravings.

    Additionally - I use a 60 degree grooving bit to get the engraving a little deeper - that helps especially on the small detailed stuff.

    After the 220 block sand - I spray with minwax satin poly - 3-4 coats.

    Finally - I wet sand with 600 - then automotive rubbing compound by turtlewax - and I finish off with a paste wax and hand buffing.

    For picture hangers on the back - I use only really good screw eyes predrilled with my little egg beater drill and stranded picture hanger wire.

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