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Thread: SketchUp Pref's Files

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    SketchUp Pref's Files

    Under the pull down menu 'Window' under Preferences, under the File sections it list Models, Components, Materials, etc.

    Should these be pointed to C:\Program Files\Google Sketchup 6\ "insert folder name here"

    Right now they are pointed to c:\document and settings\etc, etc,. Is this okay?


    EDIT: Also what do you guys use for your ground and sky colors, just something that suits your eye?
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    Aaron, I have left most of the Files selections the default ones. The only one that is different on my machine at home is Models which I have set to F:\SKP\. I have a second HD on my computer which has a folder called SKP to store SketchUp files in. The default Windows directory for Models is the My Documents folder which is just fine, too.

    As for colors, I have sky and ground turned off and the background color set to white. I'll change those settings on a case by case basis when I am ready to export images. I prefer to work with those things turned off, though.
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