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Thread: Chinese Inspired Vase.

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    Chinese Inspired Vase.

    Inspired by the form of a piece we brought back from the factory some years ago.

    Ash and Walnut, 150mm H X 95mm Dia.

    Hopefully I can find more time to explore other pieces with size and form constraints, certainly puts a new perspective on construction rather than just free flow turning.
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    Looks real good Chas. I know some times i'll go and just check on line photos, to find something different my self.

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    Glad to see you back and posting!!
    Beautiful adaptation of the vase form and the material choice is perfect! ;
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    A very elegant piece, Chas. Nicely done

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    Beautiful piece of work, Chas! Excellent reproduction of the original form.
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    I like it and I'd say you nailed the form.
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