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Thread: Sorry Larry but...

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    Sorry Larry but...

    this is advertised on Rocklers website and I am asking you turners if this is a good starter lathe, yes tools are pen_bottle stopper tools, which I like, it can turn up to a 10" bowl, which is fine....for now, 17 3/4" spindles, 5 speed not verible speed (sp) but seems all the basic at a great price, is this worth it and is it a good lathe? I have been looking for one for a while now and seems to be a good one at a affordable price to get into turning, PLEASE FEED BACK as TLOMF has gave me permission to get it and need advise before purchase, don't want to buy badly slippery slope, here I come

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    that's hitting real close to home for larry.
    at least when he visits you he can hone his pen turning skills.
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    Tom my friend i think that the issue with this lathe is the lowest speed it can run at with the pulley belt config.
    My view would be to save your coin and try get to the level of one of the Penn State variable speed units.
    Bill purchased one recently and to me with the benefit of hindsight from having jumped at a lathe with a cheap price, i would sooner go a few more months and save the extra coin to get a machine that would allow you to start turning at 150 rpm if needed.
    I look at this now like a mattress. The extra coin of $220 over the use of this machine and the experience you have using it amortised over that time will be well worth it and if u decide the vortex aint for u then selling the variable speed will be way easier and get you a better second hand value return in my view.

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    What Rob said. Slow speeds, variable speeds, and reverse speed are the criteria to aspire to. The first two for sure.

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    That one looks like the jet mini lathe that I started out with. I have its big brother, but I use the little guy from to time. Good to practice on until you can get a bigger one.
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    Sorry Larry but...

    I have an old basic delta midi, and the Two things that I most want in my eventual upgrade lathe are variable speed and a tad more swing. 12-16" would be really nice. If I could only get a 10" swing, but still get VS, I'd jump on that before a larger swing, but still have to change a belt etc...


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    The one at Rockler is priced at $279, I got the Harbor Freight version at $199. with a 20% off coupon.

    The only difference I can see from the pictures is the color.

    Now I am NOT a turner, I use my lathe rarely but the HF one has done everything I've needed at a price I can live with.

    If you are going to do some serious turning I'd probably get something bigger.

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    The spinning virus is claiming another victim, this time very close to Larry! Larry beware! You may be the next one to fall in the vortex!

    Jokes apart, congrats for this twist Tom, I look forward to see your bowls, pens or whateveryou turn.
    Best regards,

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    Tom, I've had the same lathe for about 4 years. It runs great, works great, is well built, and has plenty of power. It works fine for pens, bottle stoppers, pepper mills, and stuff like that.
    It may not have all the bells and whistles as the more expensive but for a basic tool you can't go wrong.
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    If small stuff is all you want to do, then that is quite a good price, but be warned, if you get into it more, you will want more of a lathe.

    Heck I have lathe chucks that cost more than that set up
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