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Thread: Well.....Slap my face!

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    Well.....Slap my face!

    I was admiring some of Bernie's toothpick holders and wanting to turn some for Christmas gifts. So I did a Google search for a tutorial and found Stu's excellent video.

    It has been a while since I have spent time on my lathe. I just finished painting my house. I still have a little touch up to do when the weather warms later this week but tomorrow....I think it's time to sharpen some turning tools and get some practice in!

    Thanks Stu!

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    Well I won't slap you but will say yep Stu has that covered and great to see you here Ken

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    Welcome back Ken great to see you stop buy.

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    I'm honoured that you watched and like my video, look forward to seeing the finished project
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    hey fitz good to see yu still in the area,, dont forget that if you get closer you owe me and tom a visit
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    Hey Ken, welcome back!

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    Hi Ken. Good to see you back. Any elk hunting in the works for this fall?

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    Our elk camp broke up in 2001. I haven't hunted elk since then. Now that I am deaf and dependent on technology to hear I would be afraid to hunt with someone. Once my lithium ion batteries run down, I would be deaf. That would be the pits!

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