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Thread: So we have another Friday here !

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    So we have another Friday here !

    Cool Air has settled in , I have no ides what will happen this weekend.

    But today I am praying for the people of Bermuda. In a few hours they will be hit head on with 115-125 MPH winds. Do we know anyone their ?
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    I do hope they fair well. Getting storms there is no stranger to them, so at least they know how to be prepared for it.

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    Looks like a pretty nice weekend here. Going to meet my Brother and his wife for dinner and drinks tonight for my SIL's birthday. Saturday I'm going to try and brew a pear cider and then check on the pumpkin ale that has been fermenting the last two weeks, may move it to a secondary fermenter (undecided on this yet). Going to finish cleaning off my workbench and try to get back on the high chair project. Saturday night we'll be taking some friends out to dinner, then back to their house as we're the decoys. Their daughters are throwing them an anniversary party and need them out of the house. Sunday will be some grandson watching and shop time.

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    Having a few cold ones with my BIL's tonight, was hoping to watch some baseball, but oh well. Tomorrow we are heading to a pumpkin patch. Should be a good time as they have lots of things for kids to do. Tomorrow night we are firing up the firepit and having a few friends over...Sunday will be some shop time and football with some chili.
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    The weather is going to be carp here this weekend, so I'll be inside cocooning with a cup of hot tea and a magazine.

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    Recovering after a terrible week in the stock market with some garden therapy and a little wood working. Somehow a bug critter got into one of my protective garden tunnels and when I checked the kale crop all I found was some very healthy green worms and a few spindly shredded kale plants. Hand to hand combat cleared up the infestation , but the plants will be slow to come back.
    After my futile attempts to plane the waves out of a slab of cherry to use as a bench top, some time sharpening the plane fleet is in order. I really like the repeatability of the Veritas MKII honing guide and the Shapton stones get the job done so, hopefully no frustrations this time.

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    On the road visiting friends this weekend.

    BTW, how did Stu fair with his stormy weather this past week? Don't think we have anyone from Bermuda here, but I could be wrong.

    And, I have accepted the job offer from a couple of weeks ago. Still a few formalities but will start the last week of this month. Had a very large part in writing the job description and got the compensation I asked for. Life is good.

    Waiting to hear from Vaughn re: the great trek east in the brave pick-up.

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

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    Friday: This morning, I've been taking photos of a few pieces I've completed recently. Afternoon will be shop time turning a couple of items.

    Saturday: Shop time of some sort - not sure what yet - too nice to stay inside the house! Weather is great and will stay that way this weekend, so I'll be outside a lot, even if it's to sip a few barley pops and watch the wind blow.

    Sunday: Brunch and Talladega. What else does anyone need???
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    So we have another Friday here !

    Continuing with the packing and purging of 17000 pound of stuff in preparation for the guys from Allied Van Lines, who are showing up next Wednesday to move it all to Albuquerque.

    Currently hanging out at Western Tire in Burbank getting work done in my Ranger pickup. I brought it here to get the tires balanced and the alignment checked, but as it turns out I need 4 new tires and new front wheel bearings. Didn't really plan on spending $1000+ today, but I'd rather find out now instead of at 80 mph in the middle of the Mojave desert.
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    gonna make all you people jealous of my weekend.

    nothing, absolutely nothing. ICE, anti-inflammatory and narcotic pain killers.

    that's my weekend and might be the next few weeks.

    went to the orthopedic, (yes, I know this is boring, and not adding any flavor to fww), seems I have torn my meniscus, and the pain has totallyl disabled me.

    MRI is supposed to be Monday, just waiting to get insurance company approval.

    woodworking will be on hold either until pain subsides, or I have it corrected.

    signing off.
    Human Test Dummy

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