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Thread: Another Little Box

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    Another Little Box

    Another pill box, this one a bit larger than the first. This one measures 1.75" across the base of the bottom and 1.75" high. The bottom is cherry; top is spalted maple.

    I knew the spalted maple was a little soft on the corner I cut off to make this top, so I took it easy as I started turning into it. Sure enough, it got a little more pithy the more I turned. I grabbed my bottle of thin CA and started dousing it until it had soaked up a fair amount. When I started turning again, it felt much more solid, so I had no problem completing it.

    A couple of coats of tung oil (real stuff) gave it a nice appearance. After letting that cure a couple of days, I hit it with several coats of rattle can lacquer.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    'Shrooms, anyone?
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    I like this a lot Bill! I've only tried a couple of boxes in the past, but need to give it a go soon. That's some pretty wood too.
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    I like that - it's so cool - GREAT idea!!

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    Ha!! That's really cool Bill...great shape!
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    I like it, Bill. Cool idea.
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    Good job man keep them coming.


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