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Thread: Shop Made Drill Index - Forstners

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    Shop Made Drill Index - Forstners

    I was pawing through the scrap bin and came across yet another piece from LOML's old front door . . . . just how big was that thing anyway??? Be that as it may, I have a nice set of HSS Forstners from 1/4" through 1" in 16th's thanks to a wonderful Christmas back a ways. Forstners and sawtooth bits larger than that tend to get picked up when a requirement comes along or when a good deal pops up. The result is that my better quality, larger bits, are a little random. The collection has grown over the years and my storage method for these is sub-optimal at best.

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    Since I am between steps on the finish process on some picture frames I went at the old piece of front door frame. There are 3/8" and 1/2" shanks due to the different bits (German and American).

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    Here's a quick fix for when you drill the wrong size hole while rocking out to some Jaco Pastorius instead of reading your layout lines.

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    I have a typical Craftsman metal tool cabinet from times gone by. The operator position for my DP is between this tool cabinet and the DP so this tool cabinet became the DP "stuff" location. I use a couple small magnets to keep the indexes (shop made and purchased) from wandering around in the top tray of the tool cabinet and this new one is no different.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now they can all enjoy a little togetherness and I free up some drawer space in the bargain.

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    Now, back to those frames.
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