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Thread: For the Veneering Crowd

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    For the Veneering Crowd

    This is a very interesting video if you like Veneering.
    I'm supposed to respect my elders, but its getting harder and harder for me to find one now.

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    Very interesting, Charles. A very complicated process, but I guess many of the steps are common to what normal wood workers do when veneering a panel.

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    Be nice to have all that equipment I use a Vacuum bag an pump with J-roller for all my panels on my Marquetry pieces I use a calol press with J-roller

    If you are going to make something nice, make it with a statement, use quality an do it right the first time

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    Cool video Hans.
    Some points i observed.

    Downdraft tables.......many i have seen hobby woodworkers make have pegboard and small holes with as i see it the thought being to have a vacuum type flow due to air restriction. But going back to the whole concept of fine particle removal from local air we know the issue is air volume movement. In the video that seems to be the approach to all their sanding dust extraction. Hole sizes in their downdraft tables appeared to be in the order of 1 inch.
    Again it to me at least justifies not using a vacuum but something that is going to generate significant air movement away from object being sanded.

    Another thing i observed was something similar to that fast cap video Glenn posted. The workers have a station with everything they need at hand with its place. This allows one to focus on the job at hand not on looking for that tool you know u have somewhere.
    it just emphasizes to me that shop organization is key and even more so as we age and find memory throwing wrenches in the works.

    Dont matter how extensive a tool set or how wide or narrow ones interest is having the toolset for the workstation you working at organized and on hand is well worth the effort to accomplishing more with less frustration and error.

    My last thought we know where all the good wood goes and why it costs us a fortune to compete with buying it. No wonder a Bently costs so much.

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