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Thread: Super Nova Chuck Sale

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    Super Nova Chuck Sale

    Super Nova Chuck $40. off from Woodcraft
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    tempting, very tempting, just a tad steep still for my budget.

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    Ned, As we talked about before, I believe you can get a good chuck, and all the jaws you will need and more, by purchasing the PSI Baracuda 2 setup. I have not seen where there is justification for spending so much more money for the Nova chucks, as you have to buy all the additional jaws, and, you even have to buy a thread adaptor to fit it on any lathe. For the money, get the Baracuda 2. Just MNSHO, but I sure like mine.
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    Dan, are those prices good only at your Portland store? The WC website offers only the regular prices.
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    Jacksonville Store running the same add until Christmas in Florida

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ned Bulken View Post
    tempting, very tempting, just a tad steep still for my budget.
    The SN2 is way bigger than you need for your lathe. The G3 is a much better match. And although I was not overly impressed with the Barracuda chuck I used to own, it was a serviceable piece of kit and good bang for the buck.
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    I've had the G3 on my wish list for awhile. Looks like I Might just get some $ towards one next month.

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    I have 4 chucks that I use constantly... the first I bought was the little 3" CMG from PSI... I got it about 10-12 years back... it's small and works best on the little 1014 lathe, but can use it on the 1442 for smaller projects. I have 2 of the Barracudas C2000 series that gets most of my work... they're a little heavier and all the jaws interchange... I use one of them for my cole jaws and sometimes the cole jaw extension... the fourth is a Barracuda clone from Grizzly that only cost about $50... it's a serviceable chuck, but the Barracuda jaws don't fit and it doesn't come with any extra jaws beyond the #2... they open to just under 3 inches and close down to about 1 1/2"... all of my chucks use the tommy bars to close and while I would love to have one that has the key and one hand operation, these serve my needs and were priced at a level that didn't break the bank.

    You might want to check out some of Grizzly's offerings...
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