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Thread: End of an Era

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    End of an Era

    Here are a couple of pics of my shop taken this morning...

    I am SO going to miss all those cabinets and drawers.

    Yesterday four gorillas from Allied Van Lines loaded 2400 cubic feet of stuff -- an estimated 22,000 pounds -- into the trailer. (About half of that weight was shop stuff). I think the name of the moving company is sort of a last hurrah and a farewell to the Golden State.

    I've gotta say these pro movers are a breed all their own. We were in awe all day watching how easily they lifted and carried the heavy pieces, and they often literally ran to go grab the next load. They worked hard from about 8:30 AM until about 8:00 PM.

    We moved into this house 10 years ago this month, so this marks a pretty major milestone in our lives. It's also big in that it officially ends my life as a Californian and returns me (and all my things) to my home state of New Mexico. I moved to California in 1991 due to the opportunities here. I moved away because of the lack of opportunities in my field and the fact that I was tired of how things are run in this state. California is a great state, but IMO it is being run into the ground. (I'll just leave it at that to avoid breaching the CoC.)

    All of our things will be arriving in Albuquerque sometime around Tuesday of next week, via another house in LA, a stop in Flagstaff, and a stop or two in Santa Fe. Everything will be delivered to an independent storage facility in ABQ, and we (plus as many friends and pickup trucks as I can gather) will be moving it ourselves into the new house once the sale is finalized...hopefully within about a month from now. The new shop won't be happening for a while, since I need to have an electric subpanel installed and get sufficient power run to the garage before I can do much in there. Lots of other projects to tackle along the way, too.
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    Onward and upward! Safe travels, Vaughn!
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    Looking forward to seeing what the next chapter holds for ya, have a safe trip. Looking forward to seeing some house updates soon.

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    As your new (old?) home state would say, "Vaya con Dios!"

    A new chapter in your lives. Tell Kian we all wish her a warm welcome to New Mexico and hope she finds new friends and a new job that she absolutely loves. We know you are happy and comfortable there. We hope she will be also. Tell her her extended family from the Internet wishes her the very best. Maybe she will come to Indiana next summer and meet a bunch of us face to face. We'd look forward to it!

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    thankgod I saw the moving truck, I was about to say, oh man, you've been robbed!
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    Is this a time for congratulations or for sorrow?

    No matter which - change like that is stressful.

    I hope all the best for you

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    Wow, now that's a clean shop . I knew professional moving was not in the cards for me when I saw a guy move a four drawer file cabinet onto a dolly without emptying it. He just bear-hugged it and picked it up.

    Happy trails and enjoy the ride.
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    Bittersweet cake seems appropriate.........Safe travels!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I hate moving... it's a lot of work. And years ago I worked for a moving and storage company out of the bay area in CA.... we had guys that were built like gorillas that would touch a piece of furniture and if it moved, they picked it up.... that said, when we moved to Tennessee, my wife was working for a company out of Houston that did international as well as domestic moving. As a courtesy, they had a crew come out to pack our truck for the move... honestly, I was disappointed with the way they packed the truck... nothing broken or marred, but I think I could have packed it much tighter and gotten more in the truck... granted we had some big pieces, but we hauled a lot of air and wound up leaving behind some things I would have liked to have moved.... we had a separate trailer with my truck on it and the truck loaded with as much as would fit on it.

    Over the years I've moved many more times than I care to think about... I lived in Calif for 15 years and I think I moved 9 times... 5 of them while I was married and we were only married 7 years.

    Edit: I was going to ask what part of ABQ you were moving to, but would be silly, as I don't know much about ABQ... I've been through the city and what I could see from road, looked like a really nice town. I've been to Santa Fe and wouldn't mind living there, except think it's out of my budgetary range.... my sister lives in Rio Rancho and I've been there, but don't remember much about it except the Mexican restaurant she took us to... liked that.

    Longest time I ever spent there was a day at the airport... I flew in from OKC and got bumped and had to wait about 20 hours for the next available flight... working for an airlines was good, flying was cheap, but you were vulnerable to lose your seat... I missed a days work back in SFO and lost a days pay and made a supervisor unhappy... was a long day sitting in the waiting room at ABQ airport.
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