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Thread: It's Friday! 10/24/2014 Edition

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    It's Friday! 10/24/2014 Edition

    It's here again, been looking forward to it also. Tonight the institute is having their annual Oktoberfest, food and beer for the members, so going to enjoy a bit of that. I'm planning to go get some materials tomorrow for doing a auxiliary planer bed and add some additional piping to the DC system. Need to start on a drill press table too, so may knock that out tomorrow. Will continue work on the high chairs also, but want to get the DP table done before I drill holes on the high chair parts. Have to do some yard work too.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    Weekends are work days for me. Start the new job officially on Tuesday. Today some household chores. Making a space in the MH to move the freezer into with a new cabinet next to it. Don't know if I'll get that far today though. Monday to work on the cabinet, I hope.

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    So it is, Jarrod and Tony are out on a service job and I'm stuck in here. I need to work on the linkage of the bike again. Darn linkage keeps popping off every 2-3 K miles

    Working in the shop tomorrow , dinner with Shelly tonight out , Sunday I hoping that I'll get back in the mood to paint. Just hasn't been their for a while.
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    getting set up for tomorrow's craft show, and paying the tab for the one in december. that, and plotting and planning for next year's fun.
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    Im day 8 of being in prison.
    haven't done anything all week since last Friday, although I was out for an MRI this week.
    the pain is a lot less, Im able to move around a bit, but its still stiff/uncomfortable when I put weight on the knee.

    I see the doctor in a couple of hours to read the results so at least Ill know what path Im going to take.

    all in all, Im miserable. Temps are perfect for me to be in the shop, I had tons of small projects to work on, all turning, and was going to start my wifes hobby room by November. That is not happening any time soon.

    I made plans to meet Sayer Saturday night for dinner, pain or no pain, Im getting out of prison for a few hours.
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    Floor underlayment - and wall prep for painting. Door and window trim and spakeling.

    After that is flooring

    Possibly a little more work on the Temp Kitchen cabinet

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    Fridays are usually my busy day, this week that was yesterday. I caught three stat trips in a row on my nominal day 'off'. SO shop time will be tomorrow, and then a friend is having an end of the season bonfire. I'm donating my scrap bin contents to the blaze.

    On the woodworking front, I'm going to be hanging/making solar panels this weekend, along with gluing up segments for a new project I have in mind... a turned kukska mug

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    Friday: Had some shop time this morning finishing turning an egg-shaped piece of cherry for a kaleidoscope. Installed a new 3-wheel buffer system from PSI. Need to do some yard work this afternoon. World Series tonight.

    Saturday: Shop time in the morning working on some "Yes, Dear" items - jar openers, of all things. Chill out for a while, then wife is having a girl friend over to have dinner with us. World Series game.

    Sunday: A down day - brunch - NASCAR - chill - dinner - World Series - chill.
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    Installing 12 new windows and maybe turning some Lignum Vitae on the lathe.

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    You won't believe my project. I am going to attempt to cut up a hot tub and get rid of it. I was going to buy a reciprocating saw, mentioned it to my Nephew and he gave me one that someone had given him. It's a Craftsman, but it works. This is not going to be fun....
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