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Thread: Blanket chest

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    Blanket chest

    I alwas wanted to build it and I finally got it done. This is by far one of the hardest I have ever done. Everthing is at 45% angles and they all have to be exactlly the correct size or the joint lines don't match up and so on. Mess upon one angle and one has a gap. If glue ups aren't square the joint lines don't line up and the eye catches it.

    I might add that the largest project I ever built is a kitchen for a church wich took 35 sheets of oak plywood and over 700 Bf of oak for the cabinate fronts. The chest was harder.

    I was trying to get pictures without the flash going off. I didn't think the pictures were coming out untill I saw them today and then I desided to post them. The actual part of the chest that was dove tailed together is out of 2 boards, there was no glue . Only the top panal is two pieces glued together. I didn't think the pictures were comming out so I stopped taking them. Now I will have to get some more. I wish the knot could have been a little more in the center of the chest but the tree didn't want to co-operate.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great looking chest, Tom! Looks like you did well all around.

    As to the knot being off center on the front panel, I think the more important thing is the overall swirl of the grain is centered. The way you used the panel, the visual weighting is good because the knot is offset left and lower, then the swirl lifts to the right. To my eye, the visual center of the front panel is to the right of the knot and centered with the middle bottom drawer. Good job!
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    Beautifully Done an yes you are right if the angles is not right it will show up on you, again beautifully Done

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    Wow, Tom...nice job! BTW, the knot is fine just where it is.....well done!

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    great job, tom and the frnt panel is fine and the drawer frnts go well with it all what is inside cedar lining?
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    The figure on the front looks great. I do the same thing when I make those decisions; I second guess myself afterward. It came out great. What was your finishing schedule?
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    Great looking chest Tom!

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    Looks great I like that grain on the front panel, reminds me of the universe/black-hole type of thing...Very nice work!!!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I like the knot on the front panel. Beautiful job Tom !!
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    Never seen on with the drawers before. That is great. A beautiful piece of furniture that will be pasted from generation to generation. Great job. Boy would I be proud to create something like that.
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