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Thread: second roll of the dice....

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    second roll of the dice....

    yup, 9 am tomorrow morning, the start of the second craft show. off to an awkward start with the setup tonight, as my shop monkey, darth shmibly, is in nebraska, and i had to setup without his assistance, and he won't be here for the show. he thought it was going to be next weekend. then again, i will have some help tomorrow, as the wife will be helping me. oh well, hoping for the best. here is a pic of the setup, all 12 ft of it.
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    I hope you have great success. Looks like it would be fun.
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    Best of luck!
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    good luck dano, how many people will this show attract over the course of a day?
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    Lotta work on that table. Hope it pays off and you and have a good time

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    well sorry your helper isnt there today but maybe your part timer will draw more attention and sales as well
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    sold a cutting board, tapered roller, meat mallet, 2 bottle stoppers, and a clock for a total of $105.
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