I know most of you have heard about the deal at Lowes about the Delta T-2 30 fence being clearanced for 165.00. I had looked at 3 different Lowes this past week just to see if they had them, but didn't see any. Now mind you, I'm not looking to buy one..just curious. I never seem to see the big specials that others talk about from around the country. Well, I went to Weatherford to get my guttering supplies today after painting the eaves, and the HD didn't have the brown metal guttering I had decided on. My other reason for going that dirction (further drive than my local stores) was to see if that Lowes had the 6-6-4 wye I needed, so I can reassemble my ducting the way it needs to be without disassembling it again, that had been reported to be clearanced at under 4 bucks, they didn't have it, and doesn't appear that they ever did. So I go ahead and get my guttering there since they had the brown I was wanting, it was a couple dollars more than HD, but not a big deal. And on the way to the check out, I see a single table with clearance stuff on it...and 2 big blue boxes underneath on the floor. Yep 2 Delta T-2 30" fence systems, never been opened, and yes there is a yellow clearance sticker on each for 165.00. BUT WAIT!!! There is a hand written sign on top of the boxes that says, now get this....89.00 each. WOW! I still struggled with myself to not grab one. If I'd had the extra cash on me, I just might have, even though I really don't need one. Now if it had been the 50", I'd be paying momma's credit card back!
So. long long story to say if you need one, or just want one, now is the time. I should have asked when the next mark down was going to be. Jim.