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Thread: re keying a dead bolt lock.

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    Question re keying a dead bolt lock.

    I need to have 3 locks re keyed and am researching it as a DIY project. It doesn't look that hard. Anyone ever done it. Any insite or does and don'ts ?
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    If it is a name brand lock, kits are available to re-pin the cylinder. For the fuss the few times I did it (not difficult, I just have other things to do ;-), I now just look for an outfit that will give free keys with a re-key or some other incentive and let them do it. The online locksmith dispatch service we tried once was a terrible experience. Apparently the site is subscribed to by locksmith wanna-bees. The guy we got mutilated the front door set. After a lot of pain we got the functional parts replaced but, never did get them to pay for the trim plate he destroyed.
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    If they are kwikset or schlage bring them to Lowes and they will do it for free. They are only do it yourself if they are a newer style (can't remember the model numbers). When I was a working at Lowes I rekeyed hundreds of them.
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    What Bob said. My daughter works at Lowe's and she re-keys locks often. However, not all the employees know how to do it and you might sometimes have trouble finding a re-key person on duty. Just spoke with my daughter and she said the quicksets are self re keying and you can do it at home.
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