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Thread: Happy Birthday!!

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    Happy Birthday!!

    This may be a day or two early or even a day late. But, happy 8th birthday to Family Woodworking!!

    As one of the early members, I remember the motives and intentions behind creating this forum. I think it would be fair to say that the founders of this site didn't anticipate this site would become even better than planned. While family was intended to convey that all ages were invited, it's clear that the members of this site are a family unto themselves.

    Congratulations on another year!! And thank you to all of the admins and mods over the years who have been diligently keeping the focus on woodworking, camaraderie, and friendship.

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    Hey Matt, Good to see you. Looks like the first post(s) were about 10/26/2006, so you were right on! It's good to see this little "experiment" has prospered. Happy B-Day Family Woodworking!

    P.S. I added an account with it's birth date on that day, so maybe we'll plan for some celebrations from now on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    ...It's good to see this little "experiment" has prospered...
    Wow! Shades of Wayne, and Badger Pond, eh?
    Jim D.
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    I wish I could remember who steered me here in May, 2007. This has felt like home from the time I joined.

    Happy Birthday to us!!!
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    Happy Birthday to us! A toast to those who pioneered this great place and those that keep it running smoothly. Many happy returns! (Two thoses in one sentence is pretty cool)

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    Well, Happy Birthday to us. And Thank You Glenn for getting me into the Family. I pretty much just watched at the beginning. It was Glenn, again, that pushed me into posting and starting threads. And a second thank you to Glenn for that.

    All of you make a great group; heck, you even put up with me.

    Thanks and Enjoy,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim C Bradley View Post
    heck, you even put up with me.
    Put up with you Jim?, I would say that it is you who's putting up with all of us. Besides, being our senior member ( or so I think) I think it is good that you keep an eye on us and give the view of the experience to all of us.
    Best regards,

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    Good spot Matt, Happy Birthday FWW.

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    WOW didn't realize this site has been around that long. I joined in 2008.. Time flies!
    "We the People ......"

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