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Thread: Hawaii Bowl

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    Hawaii Bowl

    A friend of mine in Hawaii (hawaiilad) on my Woodworking Friends site sent me some Koa and some Sandalwood in exchange for something I sent to him . Had never worked with those two woods before that are native to Hawaii so I am calling this my Hawaii Bowl . . . lol . .
    I made a 12 picture tutorial of my progress from start to finish on my site as to how this design was achieved .


    Some of the "stuff I have made since retiring .

    And a sampling of some of my more recent "stuff"

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    Beautiful combination of woods, William! You sure get some interesting patterns in your pieces.
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    You and that ring master turn out a consistently nice bowl, William. I agree on the interesting patterns too.

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    What size is it and your choice of finish sir? Always amazing!
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    William, that is a nice looking piece you have created. I haven't seen any like that here, yet. My lathe is a little small to do one, but I have a friend with a large one, who might try one.

    Keep up the good work. Aloha.
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