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Thread: What is your most used clamp?

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    What is your most used clamp?

    What is your most used clamp? I ask this question because I was working on a project and realized that I use one clamp much more than any of the others that I have. I alway reach for this clamp first if it will work for whatever I am doing. It is the Jorgensen ISD 12" bar/spreader clamp. It is followed closely by the ISD 24" and then the Jorgensen 12" heavy duty bar clamp. Maybe it is because they are small clamps. I have a couple of other brands of "one hand activated" clamps but they are light duty and do not come even close to the ISDs.

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    Off brand/no brand F clamp. Use the small ones all the time.
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    An 8" F-clamp from LV. I use it for clamping jigs, holding things for pinning or just keeping things together. For case work, K-bodies. I had some fast acting Irwin type clamps, but since I got the K-bodies, they just take up space on the wall.

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    I mostly use the Jorgy's called Ponies. Pipe clamps, seldom a c clamp but I've got a drawer full of them too.
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    The most versital and bestest is my Jorgensen Wood Hand Screws, By far my favorite. All the way from my 4" to the 12" . My favorite. Narry a project gets done lest the Hand screw plays a part some way or how or else....
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    3706 Jorgensen 6" bar clamp & the Harbor Freight look alike which also works great. But like all Harbor Freight items you should hold it in your hand & examine it before purchase. I very seldom buy Harbor Freight accept at a local store.

    With this style bar clamp the Harbor Freight knock off has the problem of the fixed end not being square to the bar. Many-times it is twisted just a little. I was taking them out of the box to look at them & the sales lady came up & asked what I was doing so I showed her & she was amazed at how many were not square. But the few minutes of looking allowed me to buy at least 2 for 1 of the Jorgy's & they work just as well. I have about a dozen in the 6" size a few 18" & 24".

    I also like the light duty aluminum tube style bar clamps & 3/4" pipe clamps did I really say that? I do have several Irwin quick grip clamps too, as well as wooden hand screw clamps.
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    I would have to say that my most used clamp is a ~12" vise grip quick action. I have many of them in various sizes and use them often.

    I also find myself using some basic 3 or 4 inch spring clamps fairly often to hold things while pinning or during a glue-up.


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    For assembly work, it would be the Bessey 24 incher, 48 incher or pipe clamps depending on the size of the project.

    For holddown, I go to the Festool table. It has a grid of holes all over the table, so you can basically clamp anywhere. They have clever clamps with an L-shaped bottom that will slide through the hole at an angle, and then screw tight to your workpiece.
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    For quick holding (but seldom for gluing) I'll grab the 6" Irwin Quick Grips or the 6" Jorgensen ISD clamps. I've also got a couple bigger non-name one-handed clamps that get used a lot, too.

    For glue-ups (cutting boards, mostly), I prefer my Gross Stabil parallel clamps, mixed with K-Bodies if I need them. To hold the cauls I use to keep the faces relatively flat during this type of glue-up, I tend to grab my C-clamps. I've also got several of the wood screw clamps that Bill mentioned, and they come in handy for quite a bit of stuff, too.
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    5" x 18" Wetzlers, best clamps I've ever owned.

    I've got a couple of older wood handscrews that I like too, but
    the newer ones I bought in '95 are junk, won't stay tight. Bad
    batch maybe.

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