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Thread: New toy i just picked up

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    New toy i just picked up

    Saw this when browsing on ebay and put in a min bid and no one else bid against me so its mine.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Anyone have one of these or have experience with one of them. I thought for $15 i would give it a try see how it holds a carving.

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    My ball vice has the regular vice grips on the top ... but ... you are going to love it!!!!! That is a great steal.

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    Great buy an I know you can put it to use quickly to congrads on the buy

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    well isn't that just a neat little thing. I have both a traditional workmate and a benchtop workbox by B&D. I'm always amazed at how well the work box has held up over the years.

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    Looks like Rob is going to do a bunch of carving!
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    Brent its a case of getting ready for winter and i do enjoy carving but it needs its place and tool set. Same way we like to set up a sharpening bench i think carving needs same. We shall see how it works out.

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    Way cool. An articulating vise of some sort keeps floating to the top of my wants list.
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