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Thread: Engraved brass plate

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    Engraved brass plate

    I often make saddle stands, which have often had an inlaid Texas Map. But the requests for what goes on the map have grown from a few initials to things that would be candidate for laser engraving.

    My local source of laser wood engraving cannot engrave brass, much less cut it out in the shape of a Texas map.

    Is laser cutting of thin brass, accompanied by laser engraving, a high-tech expensive process, or are there sources where I could have it done at modest cost? I am looking for a map cutout that would be about 5-6 inches wide, and probably about the same height (I have to go measure Texas to confirm).
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    CO2 Lasers cannot cut brass. I believe YaG lasers can but they cost even bigger $$$ than the CO2 lasers. Not many shops have YaG lasers.

    CO2 lasers are in the $8,000 - $25,000 range while YaG lasers are in the $30,000- $75,000 range.

    Of course exceptions to these prices can be found but these give you some idea while not many small shops have a Yag laser.

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    I know someone that can do whatever it is that you want at a cost that is reasonable.

    I don't want to be soliciting here.

    If you sent me a PM with what you want - I may be able to direct you into something.

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