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Thread: Still alive and kicking

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    Still alive and kicking

    Hey gang, just a quick update on the new job. Pushing the 6 month mark and still going at it. They are giving out raises like candy, have 14 electrics quit since I started. The bigger union plants across the river are hiring like mad replacing retires and most are going there. We got bought out by Hitachi shortly after I started, they take over next week.

    On the home front, I have replaced our aging HVAC system with a Lenox unit. Liking it so far. This required the removal of the old chimney as it is no longer needed. Got it out and roof patched. Took it out all the way to the basement floor and patched the hole in the floor as well. Going to use the space created in the kitchen closet for a small pantry area. Presently ripping out the bathroom upstairs. Been needing to do that for a few years. Have one more project to start that will require outside work before winter sets in. What I am trying to do is line up some interior winter work for myself.

    On the shop front I have switched out all my DeWalt cordless tools with Milwaukee. Got to looking at why some are wearing out and they are from 1995 and newer. Bought a few shop toys and will post later.

    Well thats the update for now, time to head in to work.
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    Good to hear from you Steve! Glad the job is going well and sound like you're keeping kinda busy like always.
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    Good to see you around Steve!

    Sounds like things are busy in your neck of the woods!
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    It's great to hear things are going well for you, Steve! May all the good things continue!!!
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    Good to hear from you, Steve. Check back in when you have a chance.
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    Good to see you're still around, and doing well Steve!

    Interesting comment about swapping out the aging DeWalt tools for Milwaukees. I'm doing the same thing. My old 14.4v DeWalts are showing a lot of age, and the batteries are dying, one after another, even after being rebuilt (some of them more than once). I decided to go with the Milwaukee 18v Lithium system. So far, I have the drill, driver, circular saw, and jigsaw. I want to get the grinder, and maybe a recip saw sometime down the road. Expensive, though!

    Those multiple pay raises you mentioned sure sound good. Keep them coming, eh? Will the Hitachi takeover affect your job at all?
    Jim D.
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    I was wondering how the new job was going for you. Nice to hear from you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Southwood View Post
    ....They are giving out raises like candy....
    I guess the times they are a changing in a good way. 'Bout time. I hope you snag some of that candy.

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    S Claus is a live and well in Claus, glad things are looking up for ya Steve !
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    Great to hear from you Steve cash in while the goings good. Dont envy the housework best of luck with it all. Lets all hold our fingers crossed and hope Milwaukee dont get purchased by some dumb ass corporation that turns them into a B & D type product.

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