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Thread: Shop Notes no more

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    Shop Notes no more

    I saw a couple of threads on other forums this week but didn't think much of it. One of the mods over on SMC, also a member here, Ken Fitzgerald, emailed the publisher to get the story...he got an email back saying the current issue will be the last of Shop Notes and that Woodsmith Mag will get a few more pages bigger early next year. Sad to see Shop Notes go, but have always thought combining the 2 mags would work well. Hopefully not many peeps get pink slips at August Home Publishing.

    The thread over at SMC can be seen here >>>CLICK HERE<<<
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    I like Shop Notes while I was still getting magazines. I currently get NO magazines.

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    I know a lot of guys liked it but it didn't really appeal to me as a stand alone magazine. I haven't bought any magazine in well over a year.
    Woodsmith is one of my favorites though.
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    Loved Shop Notes but as mention before, I don't get magazines anymore. In fact, I haven't bought a woodworking magazine in over 9 years. Hard for me to throw one away and they don't keep well in the tropics....

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    I keep getting e-mails to subscribe to WOODSMITH mag, and to get SHOPNOTES too. I have never subscribed to either publication.
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    Though I subscribed on/off over it's tenure, it just wasn't a really interesting magazine to me. I'm guessing there are so many jigs/fixtures that you can design without getting into serious repeating. That said, I do like Woodsmith and will stay with it, unless it goes digital only. I think I picked up elsewhere that the remaining Shop Notes subscription issues will be converted to Woodsmith.

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    Shopnotes was one I subscribed to for a while, really liked it. When time went away, I let it expire. I think I can remember seeing Woodsmith two places as most places didn't carry it. (why I bought Shopnotes) Guess it may be time to look at one of those all issue dvd's for the library. (will see if more places then carry Woodsmith)

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    I wrote to Shop Notes customer service and got this additional confirmation:

    "Hi Bill,

    Thank you for writing us. Unfortunately, the realities of the slow economy have caught up to us. We have had a proud history of producing ShopNotes for the past 23 years. But now we are forced to close the pages on this great magazine.

    However, we are working on plans to keep the great content from ShopNotes going. And I think it will be a good solution all around.

    We need a little time to work out all of the many details, but we can let you know in the next few weeks. I thank you for your patience. And look forward to providing this great woodworking information in the future.

    Best regards,

    Over the last couple of years, I've been converting to DVD back issue plus fill-ins on Wood, WoodSmith and Fine Woodworking. I'll drop the magazine subscriptions as they run out.
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    I've done projects from Shop Notes but I've never read Woodsmith. Sorry to hear this. I think overall less folks read cool stuff like this

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    I don't know about shop notes, but I gave up subcribing to any ww magazine some years ago. I was subscribed to Furniture & Cabinet making for a coupleof years and to Woodcarving Magazine as well. Finally I quit as there was more advertisement than anything else in both, and the carving one became of really por quality.
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