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Thread: What kind of wood is this?

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    What kind of wood is this?

    I picked up a lot of dunnage from a gut who says it was coming from Europe and he was calling it "European hardwood", which it does appear to be hard wood.

    The first pic is of a piece of very dense (on the order of lignum or rosewood) and in fact I thought maybe it was rosewood. It has purple lines running thru it.
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    The second is of a spalted wood not real hard, kind of maple-looking. (It's been bookmartched)
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    Hard to tell from here. No guesses. Sorry.
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    I am not an expert at identification, but my favorite site for doing it is

    As a hobby, this guy identifies wood, with great pictures and analysis of thousands of different species. Start by scrolling down on the page you land on.

    Your hard heavy wood may be ipe (say E-Pay), but I am not sure. I gave him some pieces of ipe for his collection.
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    First picture looks like Russian Elm if its really heavy an dense then It might be it looks like what I have here. This wood can be splintery also but I don't know for sure need end grain picture an closer picture of surface also as Charlie said but hobbiehouse has some pictures if different spieces

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    Dark one looks like walnut.

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    I would have said walnut for the dark one, on the basis that if you hear hoofbeats, you should think 'horses', not 'giraffes'. However, with the purple lines in it, could it be well-aged purpleheart?

    The other one reminds me of some spalted willow I have, but that's probably not it.

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