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Thread: Kicking around ideas for the week, It's FRIDAY !

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    Kicking around ideas for the week, It's FRIDAY !

    I'll be sitting in a tree stand all weekend ! I am so looking forward to getting out finally. Rain a bit tomorrow in Va but sitting in a tree vs. not sitting in a tree , I'll take the tree when I can get it. Va. opened up Sunday hunting for the 1st time and not I can hunt Sundays. or deer , turkey on Sundays.
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    Sounds like a good time Dave.

    I'm handing out candy tonight to the one or two ghouls that show up at our door. My mortise attachment arrived yesterday, so will be getting it setup this weekend and building a drill press jig for drilling holes on the legs of the high chair project. Need to also chop up some leaves (weekly process now, could probably do it daily). Might run to the brew shop and see what talks to me for the next batch.

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    Getting back to house remodeling - Wall prep and repair for painting - installing trim - prepping floor for the new flooring.

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    Friday: Finishing the jar openers so LOML can hand them out (of course, I'll have to install all but one of them! Also doing a little turning.

    Saturday: Some shop time in the morning, then literally chill out for the rest of the day. Forecast is for a high of 58° and low of 38°. Hey! It's all relative!!!

    Sunday: Wake up to the coolest temperature of the season and chill out the rest of the day. The race after lunch, then who knows?
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    Well I have to work today , however I just flipped the switch on a kickstarter campaign -Artisan Boards by Ned is the name of the project. I'll be working on the solar wall tomorrow (Fridays are my busy days) I hope to get the rest of the paint on the wall, the holes cut and the collector sealed by Sunday. Depends on how cold it gets tomorrow before I have to work.

    Oh, and I sold a cutting board! I'll deliver it tomorrow early afternoon.

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    We had "beggers night" last night so no trick or treaters tonight. I plan on starting a fire outside and making some s'mores after eating my weight in chili. Tomorrow the plan is for shop time, but that hasn't worked out the last couple of weekends so we'll have to see. Sunday will be a final yard clean up and football.
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    Friday plans went out the wind. Laptop went 'pop' and the screen went black. Getting much more familiar with my iPad! Laptop was 5+ years. Will see about getting it repaired. Will have to be inexpensive. Not gonna put significant money into a 5 year old computer. However, I was ogling a new desk top computer about a month ago. Will mosey down to the Apple store later and ogle some more.

    Last week I tore out the dining booth n the MH and created an extended workplace. This week I had planned to move the desk to the other side and install a bed/sofa for guests. Came into a new mattress this week for free! Just have to fabricate the frame. Will have to go back and look at Darren's RV remodel with the beds.

    But getting the computer situation resolved takes priority.

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    i'll be working up cut lists for all of the new furniture to be built next season....
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    Playing a Halloween Bash tonight at one of our regular pubs. This is the eighth year this band has hosted the second year playing it. This gig is always a hoot.

    Saturday we will be spending some time at the new house doing things like taking measurements and making plans for renovations. We are officially in escrow now on the new house, with a closing date of November 26 (if not sooner). Also, the sale on the LA house is a done deal -- it closed yesterday.

    Sunday I plan to tour my wife around town and show her a bunch of things...places to go, places to avoid, good neighborhoods, bad neighborhoods, etc.
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    Tearing out the last of the carpet, padding, tack strips, & baseboard.

    Installation of about 550 ft² of pre-finished White Oak flooring begins Monday.
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