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Thread: American Marketing at its finest

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    American Marketing at its finest

    I have always claimed the good old USA is #1 in the world in my opinion for Marketing. I believe you guys actually invented the subject because you do it so darn well its just amazing.

    The key is something like you experience talking to a stock broker about a stock you not interested in. What its all about is the story and the better the story the better the mental image created that you buy into.


    During my time in Trader Joes i stumble upon this package that as many of you will know would be hard for me to pass by given my origins.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now consider this, i only know of one flavor that i would call somewhat unique to South Africa that does not have to do with some obscure indigenous flavor and that is the flavor of Boerewors (translated to Farmers) Sausage. Of course if you one of the 330 million Americans and have not been to South Africa how on earth are you supposed to know what this flavor is and if these chips are based on fact or what i call STOCK BROKER FICTION.
    So on behalf of you all I just had to buy this packet and try it out.

    BUT WAIT ( as they say in those direct marketing tv commercials) there is more. Before I disclose the results of the contents test lets read the back and the story.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	chip ingredients and story.jpg 
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    Paprika, Chili, Pepper, Sea Salt (hey not normal salt) , Garlic, Basil, Parsley. What is so uniquely South African about this mix?

    Tradditionally used to grill meat, fish or poultry at a Braai ( Afrikaans for BBQ or Grill) A social custom in South Africa. The only South African thing of any uniqueness in this sentence is the word Braai. But hey no one knows that right.

    Well sorry to say Trader Joes your product is about as South African as my American Made Jeep but i think your marketing is fantastic.

    The verdict on the sampling is stick to Lays if you want a decent potatoe chip these were really hard to digest given the retained oil inherent in the chip. As for the the flavor what is it they say in New York "Forget About It". Awful chips.

    Was worth the coin i spent to try them out though just for the fun of the review.

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    just for the record, its fuggetaboutidt

    I buy a few seasonings products from trader joes, we have one 1/4 mile from my home.
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    Love your observations, Rob.

    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post
    just for the record, its fuggetaboutidt...
    I was hoping you'd chime in on that.
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    I was trying real hard not to chime in on food marketing. I don't want to get a debate going, so I'll try not to refer to specific places by name. But, if not for marketing, MickeyD would be dead; if not for marketing, a couple of chicken joints would be out of business. LOML and I get a real kick out of some of the marketing gimmicks that trap so many people.
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    They have a really good "South Africian Seasoning" mix in a grinder. We use it tomorrow, on the grill. I think they invented it after you left Rob
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    There is one more thing about American Marketing - or I should say - ABOUT - American marketing.

    Just because it says it - or infers it - on the package - does NOT - mean it's entirely true, but there is SOME truth to it.

    Rob - do they use Paprika in South Africa? Then it is TRUE - it has a South African flavor in it.


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    BUT... you bought the chips didn't you? So that's what it was meant for. Full stop. It only confirms your comments.
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