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Thread: Furniture Feedback?

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    Furniture Feedback?

    Kian and I are in the market for some living room furniture. Neither one of us have ever bought furniture from a store before. Our house decor has always been mid-century hand-me-down style, with influences from the 20th century found-on-the-curb movement.

    We've got our eye on a sofa and love seat set made by Flexsteel. This particular set has electric recliners...two on the love seat and another two on the sofa. They are very comfortable for both of us (not an easy feat with my back...I have a hard time finding comfortable seating). We're seriously considering pulling the trigger on some actual store-bought new furniture.

    Do any of you have experience -- good or bad -- with Flexsteel products? How about with the motorized stuff? Flexsteel comes with a good warranty, but the motors are only warranted for 5 years. I've already done some digging and it looks like the replacement cost for a broken motor is not too outrageous. Any thoughts or suggestions? Keep in mind this would be used in a kid-free house.

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    Flexsteel is about the same quality level as Lazyboy. At least they were ten years ago before some of the manufacturing started moving overseas. The Latitudes line is made in China...if that matters.

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    I had a set that we sold when we sold the last house, survived my kids (ploppers as they were known as they didn't sit down easy, they plopped) and has held up with my friends kids that bought the set. They were very comfortable, would buy another set. I've had a cheaper lazyboy set at the previous house, they didn't last for even 3 years, but their higher end stuff is pretty good.

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    No Flexsteel experience, but we've had the high end LazyBoy motorized recliners and manual love seat for three years and have had no problems with them. The controls let you stop the chair anywhere in the cycle and that's a good feature. Separate buttons for the foot rest and the back. We had one of the cheaper LazyBoy love seats a few years back and didn't like it. You could feel the metal structure through the padding and we regretted the purchase for the five years we had it. You really need to try before you buy and sit in it for a while and play with the controls.

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    We just replaced a Lazy Boy recliner that lasted through 25 years, two household moves, and about six dogs.

    Bought a motorized Lazy Boy recliner, and a (non reclining) sofa - also from Lazy Boy.
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