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Thread: New Glue question

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    New Glue question

    I was watching a video on Youtube and the guy was putting molding components together with a glue called 2-P10. Its a 2 part glue that you put a liquid glue from a bottle on one face of the joint and spay the opposite face with an activator from a can and hold together for 10 seconds. Question I have, is this just another form of cyanoacrylate? This guy was using it on fancy molding that would be on the outside in the weather. Just curious what it was.

    I just edited to add:

    Just realized the fancy molding was in fact for inside trim.
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    I don't have any experience with 2-P10, but from what you've described and from what I'm seeing on the web, it sure does seem like well-marketed CA glue.
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    Here's the FastCap MSDS info:

    Another expensive version of CA adhesive.
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    2 -p10 is a fancy name for crazy glue. as you said cyanoacrylate. Its great for quick repairs and small moldings never use it for anything structural.
    I used to use it for drawing a joint together as it contracts as it cures. I would leave a few spaced dry spots on a joint when applying my yellow glue then put a small dab of the gel on those spots and squeeze the joint together. The 2 p10 would draw the joint in and act like a clamp.
    on the negative side, I used it when it first came up to glue up a drawer front that I needed to get done in a hurry.... as I was prepping the cabinet I bumped the front and it fell over. The noise it made sounded like glass shattering, it was all the joints. when I picked up the panel it literally fell apart.. what was that line about shortcuts again???
    it has its uses and many of them at that but its not the be all end all as some would like you to believe
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