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Thread: A few quick shop fixtures projects

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    A few quick shop fixtures projects

    I am in the final stages of getting my new shop unpacked, organized and set up. I have been working on, plywood storage, clamp storage and router table dust collection solutions.
    First up is what I refer to as a “plywood storage crib”. Just a very simple set up from materials I had laying around and some reclaimed pine from an old bed frame. Just enough to keep the sheet goods from toppling over.

    Next is a roll around clamp storage cart. The cart has three spacious shelves and plenty of room for all my clamping and assembly goodies.

    Last is a very crude but effective under the table dust collection solution for my router table. I literally threw this together using a pet food bucket, metal duct tape and ¼” ply.

    Daddy’s helper Kayla, loves to vacuum around the shop 

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    Nice jigs and fixtures. See you saved the best fixture for last!

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    Great fixtures Dewayne. That is the cutest and most sophisticated vacuum accessory I have ever seen. I hear they can be quite expensive but, worth every penny
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    Good stuff! Wish I had room for that clamp rack and the clamps to go with it,
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    Great looking additions to the shop. That router cover would work really well for me now that I've got a remote switch on mine.

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    That's great!> One of Santas elves making sure work-shop things are done right
    Coming along nicely it seems!
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    Good stuff, Dewayne. I like the simple but effective DC setup for the router. (Although I read somewhere that yellow buckets have the best suction.)
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    Oh the Yellow Buckets of Texas da de dum dum.

    That shop is going to be so neat that you will be afraid to use it. Isn't it fun to organize/reorganize a shop.

    Enjoy it!!!


    If my vacuum cleaner was that great looking, I would be cleaning the shop all of the time.
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    Very nice loooking shop, my friend.

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    A few quick shop fixtures projects

    Do you have any plans for the clamp rack or do a design/build?

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