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Thread: Soda Blasting to Strip Old Finishes

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    Soda Blasting to Strip Old Finishes

    This Soda Blasting technique uses baking soda to strip old finishes.

    You can get different granual sizes for tougher paints.

    It looks a lot more Personell freindly than the chemical method, and seems to move along quickly.

    No health hazzrds either.

    Harbor Freight sells a setup for this.

    I'm thinking of using this to strip lacqur from a veneered tabletop, to avoid the hassle of chemical strippers.

    Has anyone tried it? Any downsides to using it other than baking soda dust?

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    Curious also. I was at HF yesterday contemplating a soda blaster. I know they are used in the auto body area to remove paint and wondered how they would perform on wood. I was thinking one might be helpful cleaning up the natural edge on a bench I'm building.

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    I've thought about it.
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    Even though it isn't as harsh as sand blasting, you are shooting an abrasive at your workpiece. If you aren't extremely careful, I bet you could cause great damage. I would also use more than casual dust mask.
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